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"There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed" - Woodrow Wilson

Vision Companions

This is a social activity in our college that goes on every day from 5-7 pm with the help of MITians, that focus on helping visually challenged with their academics by reading and recording lessons for them. We also work as scribe when there is a requirement. Interacting with our visually challenged brothers and knowing their experiences serves as a revelation.

Green Team

It is one of the active processes carried out by the volunteers to keep our college environment green and to ensure a very peaceful atmosphere for the students. Every year around 50 plants are planted and nutured by the GREEN TEAM of YRC.

Home Visit

Helping one person might not change the whole world, but it could change the world for one person. With that noble motto YRC plans two home visits, every academic year, one during odd semester and another during even semester. We some fruitful time with the kids by conducting events and encouraging them with small gifts.

Bloodline and Blood Donation Camp

The most important and life saving activities of Youth Red Cross-MIT is BLOOD DONATION. Our organization pays much importance and endurance to this part of activity, by immediately responding to the requirements by arranging donors. We also conduct blood donation camps twice a year, one during odd and another during even semester.


Weekly sessions are conducted to enrich volunteers with knowledge about social activities by arranging a motivational speech every week by an expert in any desired field. Sometimes interactive and campus cleaning sessions are carried out.


Youthfest, is an cultural activity that is carried out for our visually challenged brothers and sisters to motivate them and help them to identify their hidden talents. YouthFest was introduced in 2014, and the Sixth edition of Youthfest took place last year on March 01,2020. We sincerely thank our staffs, seniors and sponsors for helping us to organize this successful event.

Theme - Humans and Humanity

"Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness of people" says Roy. T. Bennet. Humanity is the greatest virtue anyone can possess. To love the fellow beings is an embodiment of our love towards self. The Youth Red Cross of MIT is a port key through which students are exposed to the evergreen path of selfless service. This year, we work towards the goal, 'Humans and Humanity' as a humble effort to spread wellness in the society.

Our Team and Activity Reports

The various teams of Youth Red Cross and their activity reports

Office Bearers


  • Mugesh M - 2020504017

Vice Chairperson

  • Sengamali K N - 2020504027

General Secretary

  • Sufyan Mohamed Nasurudeen - 2020506097
  • Santhosh Sakthi B - 2020508037


  • Sakthi KB - 2020507032

Program Secretary

  • Devadharshini G - 2020501009

Alumni Coordinator

  • Sheema Fathima R - 2020502540

Vision Coordinator

  • Lalitha M - 2020502021
  • Darshne M - 2020507006

Blood Coordinator

  • Sneha S - 2020504029
  • Sahaana M - 2020508034

Design Head

  • Ragavkumar AJ - 2020504021

Vision Team

  • Monika R - 2021508027
  • Sudhanthira R - 2021504548
  • Nirmal A - 2021502304
  • Nataraj T - 2021502303
  • Manasadevi K - 2021504527
  • Priyadharshini V - 2021508032
  • Keerthana K A - 2021504017
  • Arthi C - 2021504505

Blood Team

  • Naresh Kumar S - 2021504025
  • Parvathy A - 2021504533
  • Deepika T S - 2021505007
  • Sweatha S - 2021508046
  • Gokulakannan N - 2021507313
  • Thulasidharan CA - 2021509050
  • Harisanjay G - 2021501012
  • Madhan Kumar G - 2021502026
  • Roobini M - 2021504033

Session and Event Team

  • Nilavan K J - 2021509031
  • Kesavan V - 2021502022
  • Kaviya TV - 2021504016
  • Sarvanakumar V - 2021506089
  • Jayakumar M - 2021504522
  • Sneka R - 2021504043
  • Charumathi P - 2021504508

Orphanage Team

  • Arjun A N S - 2021504504
  • Karthick K - 2021504013
  • Jancyrani P - 2021507022

Web and Design Team

  • Dwaarak Karthick M - 2021509011
  • Rithees S M - 2021505028
  • Pavithran E - 2021504032
  • Vinu Karthik S - 2021501045
  • Akalya N - 2021508004
  • Harshan R V - 2021508004

Green Team

  • Subiya G - 2021508044
  • Sabari M - 2021506080
  • Saran Kumar S - 2021509043

Vision Companion Activities

Kindness is the only language which the deaf can hear and blind can see. We must learn to make our lives useful to the community. Here are the students who spent their efficient time to be their vision for a day.

Vision Companions Report 2019-2020

Vision Companions Report 2020-2021

Monthly Reports

Scribe List

 MIT Vision Companions: 7200712847
Contact us, if there is a need for scribes.

The Blood Donors List

The blood you donate gives someone another chance to live. One day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one or even you.Blood is life, pass it on. We are obliged to introduce the blood donors of MIT to all of you.

The Blood Donors List (2019-2020)

The Blood Donors List (2020-2021)

 MIT Bloodline: 9791162108
Feel free to contact MIT Bloodline, whenever there is an requirement

Events and Activities

Reports of Activities 2023-2024

Session on "Effective Communication and its importance in social service" [01.12.2023]

Image 1

Session on "First Aid Training" [19.12.2023]

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Upcoming events

  • Mass Plantation

About YRC

Young Swiss businessman, Jean Henry Dunant was appalled by the conditions of the wounded soldiers in the battle at Solferino in the year 1859. So he arranged relief services immediately. He wrote the book ‘Memory of solferino’ suggesting a neutral organization for wounded soldiers. An international conference was held in Geneva and thus the Red Cross was started in the year 1864. In our campus (Madras Institute of Technology) YRC activities were started in the year 2002.

Anna University YRC Co-ordinator

  • Dr.S.Thanigaiarasu (Professor and Head, Department of Aerospace Engineering, MIT)

Programme Officers

  • Unit-1 : Dr.G.Anand Kumar (Assitant Professor, Department of Automobile Engineering,MIT)
  • Unit-2 : Dr.M.Vijayakarthick(Assistant Professor, Department of Instrumentation Engineering,MIT)